Beachbody on Demand Reviews

Beachbody on Demand is finally here! But, does it work as great as its creator claims, and is it worth it? Well, these are some of the questions we will try to answer in this Beachbody on Demand reviews. This quick review aims to explain what Beachbody on Demand is, look at its features, its pros, and cons, and finally give a verdict whether it’s worth it or not.

The Best Beachbody on Demand Review

What is Beachbody on demand?

Beachbody on Demand is a home-based fitness program that streams comprehensive workout videos on mobile devices including tablets, phones, laptops and much more. In addition, the Beachbody on Demand also includes membership to the premium club. As a premium club member, you will not only have access to the workout videos but you will also have access to personalized nutrition guides, meal plans, calendars and even trackers to help you track your workout progress.

What are the videos you will get Beachbody on demand?

Beachbody on Demand contains hundreds of videos, and the number is still growing each day. These videos are professionally created to ensure members get the best workouts that are beneficial to them. Some of the available videos include:

• Insanity ; the Asylum Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.
• Hip Hop abs deluxe
• Hip Hop Abs
• Shaun T-dance party
• Rockin Body
• P90X
• P90X2
• P90X3
• Power 90
• Ten Minute Trainer
• Tony one-on-one Vol. 1 , Vol. 2 &Vol. 3
• Brazil Butt Lift
• Turbo Fire
• Thai Cheng
• Get on the ball
• ChaLean Extreme and much more

Can you download these videos?

Unfortunately, you cannot download these videos. The videos can only be watched on the internet and you will need good internet connectivity to watch them. Alternatively, you can buy DVDs containing all the workouts.

What are the pros of Beachbody on Demand?

Knowing that you are so anxious to read the pros and cons of this program, let’s begin looking at its pros

*Discount – Because this program is part of a club membership, you automatically receive a 10% discount on your future purchases at, including gear, attire, and supplements.

*Portable – you can work out anywhere and at any time as long as you have internet connectivity or the workout DVDs.

*Easy to get started – price cost as low as 2.99 dollars a week. That’s a little over 150 dollars per year.

*Not limited to one workout routine

*Access to celebrity trainers chat rooms

What are some of its Cons?

This cannot be a complete review without looking at some cons. Here are a few things that some people don’t like about this program.

*You are renting these workouts rather than owning them. You will only continue to enjoy these workouts as long as you are a member of the program. However, if you buy the DVD, you will own it until the day you decide to sell it.

*If you choose to stream Beachbody on Demand using your data bundle, it drains it very fast. Therefore, make sure you use Wi-Fi when streaming live to protect your data.

Verdict – Is Beachbody on Demand Worth trying?

Having looked carefully at the pros and cons of this program, plus the more than 100, 000 success stories and reviews, I can go on record to state that this program is worth trying.